Highlights of Our Year (from our Summer 2016 newsletter)

  • We welcomed three new girls this summer, age one and twin five year olds. They are adjusting to their new rooms and new family. Our hearts are filled with joy as we get to help three more children in need.
  • We celebrated several graduations this past May. Our twin boys graduated from Kindergarten while our oldest graduated from high school. We look forward to visiting her in college!
  • Two of our boys played baseball this year learning many new skills and gaining many new friends. The rest of the family enjoyed watching the games (as long as the weather cooperated).
  • Our thirteen year old girl and eleven year old boy were cast in a production of The Children of Eden. They will be attending camp throughout the summer preparing for their theater debut.
  • Our new oldest (since our senior has graduated high school and will be moving on to college) has stepped into the adult world of employment. She has acquired her first job as a receptionist at a salon.

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