El Ranchito de los Niños – Keeping Brothers & Sisters Together

Private Art Collection Sale to
Benefit El Ranchito de los Ninos

Thursday, September 23, 2021 – 5:30-8:00 pm
Vessel Health, 10601 4th Street NW, Albuquerque NM 87114
Hors d’oeuvres & wine will be served

Experience this one-of-a-kind opportunity to own works of art by renowned New Mexico artists, including RC Gorman, JD Challenger, Frank Howell, John Nieto, Malcom Furlow, Charles Collins, Robert Redbird, and Farrell Cockrum while benefitting El Ranchito de los Ninos.

The Collection

Richard & Janine Holcomb have been collecting fine art since 2003, primarily Native American originals, serigraphs, lithographs and giclées as well as Native American pottery. As supporters of El Ranchito de los Ninos since 2004, Richard and Janine wanted to put their vast art collection “to work” by donating 100% of all net profits to El Ranchito.

The Beneficiary

Located in Los Lunas, New Mexico, El Ranchito de los Ninos is a non-profit children’s home dedicated to keeping siblings together long term or permanently. The children who live at El Ranchito have been separated from their families as a result of such issues as physical or sexual abuse, drug use, incarceration and abandonment. The home serves as an alternative to the foster care system, which often separates siblings, providing a loving, caring environment in which children grow, learn and excel physically, mentally, socially and emotionally.

The Venue

El Ranchito and the Holcombs are most grateful to Dr. White and Vessel Health for hosting this event. Vessel Health is focused on treating the entire cardiovascular system, the vessels of which carry the very life-force of our being to every part of our body – the “vessel” that each of us needs to live, love, and pursue happiness each day.

Art Sale Catalog

Presale Purchase Rates (through 9/22/21) – Save 10%
Event Rates (9/23/21) – Save 20%
Post Sale Purchase Rates – Full Price


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As we were discussing the best holidays around the dinner table, a few kids said their favorite was Halloween because of the candy and costumes. Other kids protested that Christmas was the best because they got lots of presents. Another said that he liked the 4th of July because he loved fireworks and our littlest said that his birthday was his favorite because we celebrate him all day!

Hank sat quietly for a moment and then explained he was having a hard time choosing between Easter and Christmas. We expected the typical child-like reasons that Easter had egg hunts and candy while Christmas had presents and gingerbread houses, but to our astonishment this is not why Hank couldn’t make a choice. He explained, “Christmas is my favorite because it’s when God gave us Jesus but Easter is my favorite because it’s when Jesus promised that we could be with him forever.” We were all stunned into silence. Hank continued, “But I guess Christmas is my favorite because God saved us with Jesus and without the gift of Jesus, we wouldn’t have Easter.”

At the young age of six, Hank had more insight about the meaning of Christmas than most adults. He reminded us of the true importance of the season. Just as God gave us Jesus on Christmas day to save us, your gift saves our children from a life of abuse, neglect and instability. Because of you, our children have the gift of a stable home filled with love and joy.

May God’s gift bring you joy and peace at Christmas and always.

El Ranchito de los Niños


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El Ranchito de los Niños is a safe, loving home where children grow in a supportive, family farm setting. Education, personal responsibility and charity to and from others guide us as we strive to provide an alternative to foster care. Our goals are to give siblings a stable home in which they may grow to adulthood together…


Everyone has special talents and gifts. Come share yours with a child at El Ranchito de los Ninos. El Ranchito has many different ways that you can help. From mentoring a child, to sharing you cooking skills, to showing off your home improvement techniques; we want you to be a part of the lives of our children…


Explore the designer kitchens at Builders Source while nine of Albuquerque’s chefs compete for top honors. Vote for your favorite while sampling each restaurant’s signature dish, craft beer and wine. 21+ event.

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